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Davidson college basketball at&t ncaa basketball sweepstakes

davidson college basketball at&t ncaa basketball sweepstakes

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South 20-10 5-9 1- 2 9-5 1-0 182 182 Valparaiso Mid-Continent 17-12 5-10 2- 4 6-4 0-0 160 159 Ga. Southern Southern 20-10 7-7 1- 0 10-1 2-1 174 174 Chattanooga Southern 62 73 8 3 19 55 LSU SEC 76 75 9 3 19 54 Southern Methodist 27-7, 15-3 American Losses: C Yanick MoreiraReturnees: G Nic Moore, F Markus Kennedy, F Ben MooreNew arrivals: G Shake MiltonOutlook: SMU has been chosen.

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